Retouch X 4.0 – Installation Guide

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Adding, or installing, Retouch X 4.0 should be straightforward but to those that haven’t manually added extensions to Photoshop before this could be a tricky process. Please follow the steps here to make Retouch X 4.0 available in your extension panels.

Installation Mac OSX

  1. Firstly, check to see if you have any extensions installed so far. Go to your Photoshop application then from the main menu select window>extensions to check what, if anything is installed on your system. This is a good indicator to understand what you should see when you open your extensions folder in Finder.Photoshop extensions Mac OSX
  2. You may find that your extension list is empty, hey thats not a problem! Pretty soon you’ll have Retouch X 4.0 in there safely. Inside of a new finder window you’ll need to navigate to Macintosh HD/Library/Application Support/Adobe/ make sure you’re in the main hard drive of your Mac not in the individual user library which looks like this: Macintosh HD/Users/**your name**/Library/Application Support/Adobe/ this is wrong!
  3. Now you’re within the Library files of your Adobe applications you’ll see a big list, or thumbnails, of the folders that Adobe uses to work its magic. Within here you’ll find your CEP folder, open this. Inside here you will probably have an extension folder, open this. This is where you need to copy the folder com.example.retouchx from the product download zip you purchased from Envato. If you find you don’t have a CEP folder you can create one, inside that simply create an extension folder and then paste the com.example.retouchx from the product download. This maybe the case if you don’t already have any extensions for Adobe.Adobe Library Files Mac OSXAdobe Extensions Mac OSX
  4. Now you can close these finder windows and forget about library files, until next time.
  5. Open up your version Photoshop and go to: window>extensions you should now find that you have the Retouch X 4.0 installed.
  6. The last step is to double click on the .ATN file from within the product pack downloaded from Envato. This adds the process actions to Photoshop that the extension panel interacts with.
  7. You’re set!


Video Tutorial

Installation Windows

I am not a windows user but check out this helpful video for installation instructions of extensions of Windows.

Pre ‘CC’ Usage

Unfortunately the Retouch 4 panel only works with Adobe CC. You can however use the actions manually.

Please take a look at this video for more information or if you’re unfamiliar with using Photoshop Actions. Thanks!