Global Illumination Animation Studio for Cinema 4D

Global Illumination Animation Studio for Cinema 4D

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Animate with GI in Cinema 4D

This Cinema 4D scene was created to allow you to render out beautiful animations with Global Illumination without flicker or artefacts. The demo video is rendered using a built in Cinema 4D HDRI map, from the Visualise Package, to generate the illumination and you can easily specify your own HDRI or use simple colour to create your light. The series of demo images were all rendered with the setup using different HDRI maps, each map gives a great unique light setup suitable for rendering an animation.

Everything is built into the scene including the render settings, animation and still, so simply import your model and render! NO external plugins or renderers needed, the demo video and demo images are rendered with Cinema 4D’s robust Physical Renderer.

The scene is setup so the camera automatically rotates around your object. All you have to do is place your object within the specified group and move the timeline handle to rotate your camera around 360?. The animation length is 5 seconds, or 150 frames at 30fps.

You can edit everything within the scene, the material on the studio, the length of the animation and the HDRI that lights the scene to create a professional render every time. Perfect for product visualisation, architecture, logo stings and much more!

The render settings uses a combination of Irradiance Cache and Lightmap to generate realistic light bounce that are flicker free. Switch on Ambient Occlusion to give you extra realism!

Extra elements included are a Mograph object that will generate shadow, simply activate this if you wish, and a foreground vignette object to render out a nice smooth camera vignette.

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